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6 Delicious Summer Drinks

6 Delicious Summer Drinks

This year Ramadan brought with it peak summer season as well, leaving the people dehydrated and tired because of loss of much water from their body. People invest more energy in making tempting and good drinks for Iftaar, considering the demand of water in the body. We have gathered top 8 Ramadan trending drinks, to inspire your Iftaars this Ramadan.

These are a must try so make sure that you haven’t missed any of these.

  1. Almond Milkshake


2. Sandalwood Drink



3. Lemonade

Lemonade1 copy

Do try out Sunrise Drink this Ramadan to cool down this Summers!

4.  Apple Sprite


5. Watermelon Mint Limeade 

Watermelon-Lychee copy

Check out the recipe of Watermelon Lemonade. 

6. Milk and Sprite

milk-sprite copy

Above are mentioned top 6 trending Ramadan beverages which can be added to the Iftar menu to make you feel fresh. These refreshing drinks not only helps us get hydrated but also boost the energy revival process.


Do share with us your favourite thirst quencher for Iftaar this summers in the comment section below!


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