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These Famous Female Chefs Have Changed The Game In A Man’s World

These Famous Female Chefs Have Changed The Game In A Man’s World

It is often heard that women make good cooks, but men make better chefs. Society often views women as fragile and weak when it comes to handling something that deals with the world outside the comfort of their homes.

Being a chef does not just mean cooking with skill. Chefs are also expected to control their staff with an a little sternness and loud voice. Traits that are commonly thought of as traditionally “masculine.” Most usually women cook in the house, only for their husband and children. They are not considered capable of running large kitchens or restaurants.

Here are the inspirational and famous female chefs who have changed the way we look at cooking and what people think of women as chefs.

Clare Smyth

Clare Smyth, the head chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay works in an environment where there are barely any other female workers. However, her passion for cooking great food and not let her gender limit her success has earned her three Michelin stars.


Julia Child

Julia Child was a cooking legend best known for making gourmet cooking accessible to everyone. Even though she started her career relatively late at the age of 37, her confidence and experimentation with food made her the first female chef who laid the groundwork for many TV cooking shows that we see today.


Shireen Anwer

Shireen grew up in an environment where everything was prepared by cooks and she did not even know how to fry an egg. After she got married, she then took classes on cooking and started her own cooking classes which till date thousands of girls have benefited from. She also has her own cooking show and is admired by thousands of cooking show lovers.


Lanshu Chen

A Taiwan based chef and the winner of The Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef 2014 award. Instead of choosing her traditional cuisine she decided to train in French cuisine. Lanshu’s passion for ‘Haute French’ has led her to create authentic dishes with the amalgamation of French and her hometown, Taiwanese, ingredients. This proves women can try new things and not just what is presented to them at the spot.


Zarnak Sidhwa

Zarnak Sidhwa is a cooking expert who started cooking at a very early age. She started her catering business from her home. Even though Zarnak is from the Parsi community who don’t come to the surface and don’t succeed easily in Pakistan being a minority; she is popular in many people from all communities now. She is most famous for her Christmas cakes.


Cristeta Comerford

Comerford is the very first woman to become the White House executive chef and that too belonging to a minority group. Comeford is a Filipino-American professional chef who was majoring in food technology at the time of immigration due to which she was not able to complete her degree program yet she managed to be this successful.


Zubaida Tariq aka Zubaida Aapa

Zubaida Aapa started a new wave of  excitement in home-style cooking at the age of 50 and has since then worked for numerous famous TV channels like ARY, Geo TV, Masala TV. Her hard work and determination has led her do about 1000 cooking shows.


We hope that these women inspire you to follow your passion to the maximum, no matter what other people say!

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