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Thanda Garam Restaurant Review by: Asad Sheikh

Thanda Garam Restaurant Review by: Asad Sheikh

I am loving the new breakfast trend that is catching up. Till a few years ago, there were hardly a couple of good English breakfast places in town but now we have a huge selection to chose from.

TG, Thanda Garam is a small eatery that opened recently in Y Block Sector shops in DHA Lahore. The name gives the image of some juice shop and juice shop it is but with a twist. Amazing range of Fresh Cold Pressed Juices, Smoothies, Shakes and off course impressive TEA menu.

They do Breakfast Brunch on 4 days a week, Friday till Monday and over the weekend group of my friends and I made our way to try it out. The maximum seating capacity there is of 12 people or so but its good in a way that you get served with attention.


So for breakfast we ordered French Toast with Season Fruit & Vanilla Cream, Eggs in Marinara Sauce with Fresh Mozzarella, TG Brunch Stack, Avocado & Beet Benedict, TG Breakfast Garden Bowl, TG Pink Smoothie Bowl.

For Drinks, we ordered Glow Lemon Zapper, Lemonade, Pink Flamingo, Monkey Madness and in hot beverages it was Bestea and Flirtea (interesting names).

On to the breakfast, this place is a heaven on earth for people with Health Kick. Everything on the menu is made fresh and is shown calories that you may consume via each item. Kids and I loved the French toast and my favorite of the lot was also TG Brunch Stack that had Grilled potatoes, spicy marinara, cheesy scrambled eggs, Rocket Leaves, Feta & Cream cheese, only wish they would serve bread with it but alone its a meal on its own.

Avocado and Beet Benedict was loved by my wife as she loves beetroot and its served with bed of beetroot paste topped with egg and avocados. I am personally not a salad person and having salad for breakfast kind of doesn’t gel well with me but again, Mrs loved the The Breakfast Garden Bowl… loaded with baby Spinach, Rocket Leaves, carrots, walnuts, Quinoa, home made sausages, haloumi cheese and a boiled egg with honey mustard and balsamic mustard dressing.

Review is getting longer but wish I could limit my review to a few words. DRINKS. loved the Lemon Zapper, Lemonade, and the Flirtea which is basically Ginger Cardamom tea.

The last item that I want to talk about and it impressed me the most is TG Pink Smoothie Bowl that has Coconut milk with Chia, Berry Smoothie, Granola with berries and bananas…. this is I loved the most and really wish that they would serve this every day rather 4 days a week.


A must try place folks and is a must after a work out.

Address: Street 14, DHA, Y Block Lahore, Pakistan

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