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Thanda Garam Restaurant Review by: Asad Sheikh

I am loving the new breakfast trend that is catching up. Till a few years ago, there were hardly a couple of good English breakfast places in town but now we have a huge selection to chose from. TG, Thanda Garam is a small eatery that opened recently in Y Block Sector shops in DHA Lahore. The name gives the image of some juice shop and juice shop it is but with a twist. Amazing range of Fresh Cold...

Saadiq Halwa Puri Review by: Asad Sheikh

If the horse can’t go to the well, then the well must come to the horse! Too lazy to go to Sadiq Halwa Puri in Ichra, so sent the driver to bring it. Visiitng sister had mega craving for their Keema Katlama or tikki you may call and ordered some amazing Puri Halwa, Channay and Meetha Pura. Loved loved the Keema Katlama coz it’s filled with mutton, prefer it over chicken any given day. ...

Mouthful Restaurant Review by: Asad Sheikh

Situated in Lahore Mouthful is Pakistan’s first natural and healthy food restaurant. WHAT WE ORDERED: I always get hunting meat from friends as gift but never know what to do with it as it’s really hard to cook the muscle meat. Last week, a friend gifted me again with a hunted bird that I had no clue how to cook it properly. Since Mouthful has been doing Raans and Beef Roast on order, ...

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