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5 to Try: The Top 5 Peanuts Dishes To Try This Winter!

Peanuts (Mong Phali) is a winter snack in Pakistan. Sitting in your living room in the cold winters and munching on peanuts with your family is one old tradition in Pakistan, but did you know that this snack can be the core ingredient for some delicious dishes. Here are 5 exquisite dishes that you can make using peanuts: Peanut Chatni This yummy chatni can be used as side to any main course. 2. Pe...

Mortadella Sandwich

Bored of your ordinary sandwiches? Add up authentic Italian Mortadella in your sandwich and slice into halves or quarters, depending on who’s hungry. Check out the recipe: INGREDIENTS 4 slices of Bread 2 slices of Cheese 2 slices of Mortadella 1 Capsicum (julienne cut) 1 sliced tomato INSTRUCTIONS On a slice of bread spread thousand island dressing. Place lettuce, Mortadella & cheese sli...

Five amazing midnight snacks

It’s 12 am and you’ve got the munchies. Nothing in the fridge and you don’t wanna wait for a 40 minute restaurant delivery to arrive only to have the cheese missing from the burger. An easier option is to just make yourself these easy peasy treats. Fried Buttered Bread The easiest and tastiest snack to make. All you need is some butter, a hot pan and some bread to roll it on over. Simply turn the ...

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