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Ravioli & Vegetable Soup

Difficulty: Easy, Cook Time: 25 min, Core Ingredient: Ravioli, Servings: 2, Calories: 261 Description: Fresh or frozen ravioli cook in minutes and turn this light vegetable soup into a main course. You can also use Tortellini instead of ravioli. Ingredients: 1 Tbsp. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 2 Cups Frozen Bell Pepper and Onion Mix, Thawed and Diced 2 Cloves Garlic, Minced 1/4 Tsp. Crushed Red Pepper,...

Eating Hacks for your Calories Check

Losing weight has never been easy for anyone. Here are few tips that will help you control your calories and save the money that you spend on calorie cutting products. Although Nuts are healthy but they are also high in calories. As winter is around the corner so there is a high chance of you eating nuts most of the time. Try avoiding the oil-roasted cashews and almonds to cut calories. You can st...

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