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5 Health Trends That Will Be Hot in 2018!

From soups to self-care, the social media platform predicts what health trends you’ll be loading onto your food and wellness boards in the new year. These are 2018‘s newest health food trends that will keep you in tip top shape both inside and out. Sleep Inducing Foods: When majority of individuals report short or long term insomnia, its no wonder a flood of sleep inducing products to ...

Next Big Food Craze: Coffee In A Cone

Foodies are always looking for new and often weird food trends. The latest one that has been trending is Coffee Served in a waffle cone. The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa were the source of the coffee confection. Their signature drink is a small latte poured into a chocolate-coated waffle cone. The genius who masterminded this creation is Dayne Levinrad. He came up with the co...

Amazing Food Products a Person can Wish for

We all believe that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Well there is left no doubt in this statement after we came across incredible inventions that are built due to human necessities. Here are some amazing products that will make you say that “I need these products right now!! Yes you are right this is a self-stirring mug. That will take the boredom out of stirring your beverage. Hats off to...

Food trends of 2016

Pakistanis love to eat and dine out. It said that Pakistanis live to eat!! Food industry in Pakistan is changing with the change in consumer demand and behavior. We all have observe some bench mark changes and trends in the food market. Veggie Love: Recently Punjab Food Authority raided and disclose something that has scared us all. This has made people to avoid eating meat when they are out and p...

Pakistan’s Unhealthy Food Trends

Over the past few years Pakistanis has increased the use of processed food. People are preferring to use processed food rather than organic or natural products. This might be because of the interesting advertising campaign and interactive activation activities with the consumers. Must watch Why Do We Waste Food This year Coca Cola expects double digit percentage growth. Pepsi is ranking Pakistan a...

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