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Eggless Date and Walnut Cake

Contributed by: Faiza Omer Ingredients: 1. All purpose flour – 2 cups 2.Dates – 1 cup, chopped finely 3. Walnuts – 1 cup, coarsely chopped 4. Oil – 1/2 cup 5. Water – 2 cups 6. Sugar – 3/4 cup 7. Cinnamon powder – 1tsp 8. Salt – 1/4 tsp 9. Baking powder – 1tsp 10. Baking soda – 2 tsp Method: 1. Take a medium saucepan and add in the sugar,...

Tamarind Date Chutney

Tamarind Date Chutney conjures up a beautiful blend of sweet and sour tastes with a spicy hint, and this is exactly what you experience when tasting this dish. Packed with the nutrition and blood enhancing properties of sweet dates or khajoor and the tangy-ness of tamarind, this chutney just takes a few minutes of preparation, but is versatile and can be stored for several months. Chaat recipes or...

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