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Top 10 Super Foods To Eat For Gorgeous Hair

Women spend a lot of money on beauty and rooming products, from salon services to expensive shampoos, gels. Sprays, conditioners, serum and other products all in hope that the time and effort will result in beautiful, gorgeous, healthy and glossy hair. Some products help, but to really get to the root of beautiful hair head to the kitchen. Here are 10 best foods for gorgeous hair so get cooking, w...

8 Drinks To Boost Your Metabolism

Losing weight is much more difficult for some than it has to be. One of the main reasons that women have difficulties in shedding those pounds is because they simply do not keep their energy levels up. Raising your metabolism is the most important thing for it. Here are 8 drinks to boost up your metabolism: Beet, carrot and apple juice blend 2. Green tea 3. Lemon tea 4. Spinach juice 5. Apple cinn...

Carrot Mix Pickle

Difficulty: Medium, Cook Time: 1 Week, Core Ingredient: Carrots, Servings: 8-9, Calories: 101 per serving Description: A tasty addition to your lunch or dinner, this sour and spicy carrot pickle is sure to make you fall in love with meal time all over again. INGREDIENTS Carrot 1/2 Kg Salt 1-1/2 Tsp. Green Chilies 15 White Vinegar 1 Cup Sugar 3 Tbsp. Garlic 15-20 Cloves Cauliflower 200 Gm. Crushed ...

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