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A Sweet and Delicious Addiction

A Sweet and Delicious Addiction

Chocolate has been known as the “Food of gods” and a chocolate lover surely knows how difficult is to resist from chocolates.  People who believes on all the studies that proves chocolate is not addictive have surely not been through the craving that plagues the chocolate addict.

Chocolate is one of the food that people most crave for globally. It has some chemical compounds that changes your mood and emotions.

When you eat chocolate you are experiencing effects similar to caffeine, dopamine that pleasures the center of your brain, marijuana and last but not the least effect of serotonin that calms and releases taking way your anxieties.

There are people who are addicted to chocolate due to its taste and people who have developed this addiction because they need this food to get relax. It does not really matter why you have this addiction as long as you are enjoying and celebrating the taste and flavor of this delightful food.

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