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Paneer Haldi Masala | Tahir Hameed

Paneer Haldi Masala | Tahir Hameed

Learn how to make Paneer Haldi Masala by our first chef on board, Tahir Hameed:

English Version:

Urdu Version:

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Difficulty: Easy, Cook Time: 10-15 minutes, Servings: 2-3 person, Core Ingredient: Paneer, Calories: 389

600 grams Paneer
8 Red Chilies
3 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Red Pepper
2 tsp. Turmeric
4 tsp. Crushed Garlic
4 tbsp. Oil
For Garnish:
Green Chilies


Add oil in a pan and heat it on the stove.

Add 2 tsp. garlic in the pan, stir it and add more garlic.

Add red chilies and more garlic.

Add Paneer in the mixture and mix.

Add salt, red chilies and turmeric on the Paneer and mix it well.

Mix all these ingredients until the Paneer changes its color.

Add coriander in the mixture and take it off the stove.

Take the mixture out in a dish and sprinkle it with coriander, ginger and green chilies and serve!


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Tahir Hameed has adopted an avant-garde approach to fine dining that allows freedom of expression with food and presentation. He has an immense love for food. Try out different recipes from Tahir Hameed in OnePlatter's kitchen.

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