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Pakistani Street Food has Always been the Best Choice

Pakistani Street Food has Always been the Best Choice

There is nothing better than food love and we all are aware of the fact that some of the tasty and delicious food in Pakistan can be found on its street. We have covered different types of street food over here that you can get on the go especially when you are shopping.

Shawarma an Ideal Meal:

Shawarma has always been the famous street snack that you can get easily on the go.

Do you like paratha? Try something new, grab a bite of Pizza Paratha:

You have to taste this moth-watering Pizza Paratha.

If you want to eat something as a snack while you are out you have go to try this spicy Dahi Bhallay.

Don’t forget to add chutney in your plate.

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Have you tried the delicious creamy glass of lassi from Walled City?

If not then this is the first thing you should do when visiting Walled city.


Nothing taste like the warm salty grilled corn!

How do you like your corn grilled or not grilled?

Pakaroy. The Ultimate love!

The best fried snack one can desire for especially when it’s raining.

Halwa Puri!!        

Staple breakfast of Lahories..

Street Sweet Treat. Kulfi.

Local Version of ice cream.

Have your chai with Fried Chicken Patties.

What is the snack you like to have with your cup of tea?

Must try Coconut Chutney

Still no burger can beat the Anday Wala Shami Burger.

Have Anday Wala Shami Burger for you lunch today.

Have Doodh jalebi as a pre dessert.

A dessert that you will love especially in this weather.

End you street food journey with Pan.

A sweet food item that everyone loves!!

Share with us your favorite street foods that you can not resist from!!

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