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Nutella Declared Safe to Eat!

Nutella Declared Safe to Eat!

If your day just isn’t the same without the sweet taste of Nutella? OK, some of us eat it by the spoonful straight from the jar now you may have been jolted by some startling headlines.

A recent report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) a well-respected regulatory organization, similar to the Food and Drug Administration in the United States has many obsessed fans on edge about the safety of the chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Should you back away from your pantry slowly? Yes? No? Before taking any decision you need to know a few things.


The focus is on one of Nutella’s main ingredients: palm oil. It’s what gives the product its creamy texture and heightens its flavor, the maker of Nutella says.

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But it’s not palm oil safety that’s in question it’s what happens when it is processed and heated. The refining is done to remove the oil’s color and neutralize its smell.

When palm oil used in processed foods is heated to high temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius a “potentially carcinogenic contaminant” is formed, which can present a “potential health concern.”

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While that might sound scary, it’s important to explain the science.

The scientific finding about the carcinogenic possibility is true, but very vague when it comes to knowing how much is safe to consume.

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Importantly, the EFSA did not recommend banning palm oil from foods. The group did not make any comments about palm oil not heated above 200 degrees Celsius.

And here’s the thing: Nutella’s palm oil is processed at a temperature below 200 C combined with extremely low pressure to minimize any potential contaminants.

In short, the EFSA report didn’t mention Nutella and its processing doesn’t cross the risky threshold.

So would you have your favorite Nutella in tomorrow’s breakfast?

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