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Must Do’s for Ramadan!

Must Do’s for Ramadan!

This year Ramadan has been hot and tough. A few things really need to get sorted and double checked.

We have gathered the necessities of Ramadan and listed them down so that you don’t have to waste your time thinking all day long about what should you get and when should you get it. Have a look and see if you’ve been doing these.

  1. Store Ramadan drinks 

Drinks are at the top of the priority list during Ramadan and therefore storing a large number of summer drinks for at least half month of Ramadan is a good decision to make. Storing different kind of ready to made drinks in cabinets is something you should really.


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2. Store powdered milk

Milk is also used in abundance during Ramadan and therefore you must store some powdered milk in air tight sealed containers to use it for tea or other foods and beverages.


  1. Get enough of sugar

Same as like drinks and milk, intake of sugar also increases from normal in Ramadan. For milkshakes, juices or desserts, sugar is needed, henceforth it must also be stored for the whole month of Ramadan in sealed tight container.



  1. Store dried fruits

Dates are used in Ramadan as a necessity. These along with other dry fruits (in accordance to preferences) must be stored in the refrigerator  to avoid any hustle bustle.


  1. Plan the weekly purchase of meat, fruits, vegetables and dairy products 

Vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products should be fresh. Storing these things for weeks, is not a good idea and therefore listing the weekly plan of meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products for the whole month of Ramadan should be done before. Shopping of these items, then can be done according to that plan after every week.




  1. Make arrangements for chilled water

In order to remain hydrated, intake of more liquids and water is necessary. You must make arrangements for chilled water before the Sehri and Iftar time so that you can enjoy refreshing chilled drinks.


  1. Store frozen food

Samosa, spring rolls, cheese balls and other frozen food items, must be prepared and then stored in the refrigerator, for relaxing in the month of Ramadan to a great extent.


So pull up your socks and use this checklist to see are you really prepared for Ramadan!

What is your pre-Ramadan ‘things to do’ list? Do share it with us as well!


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