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Kitchen Hacks that will make Life Easy for People Living Alone

Kitchen Hacks that will make Life Easy for People Living Alone

Living alone is not easy especially when it comes to store food. What to do with leftover food have always been a problem and a big question!

Pizza is always delivered in a box that has perforated lines to tear. So avoid using plates and use them instead. 


If you like to eat Bananas and have a habit of storing them. Use a plastic sheet / cling film to wrap the stems of Bananas. This will keep them fresh for a longer period of time.


Want to store a Cake for couple of days. No worries use some pieces of bread and toothpicks to prevent it from getting soggy.


Put a glass filled with water with your Leftover Pizza in a microwave. This way your Pizza crust won’t be chewy anymore.


A big fan of Grilled Cheese? These are the simplest ways to have it!!


Turn toaster side ways to get Grilled Cheese.


Do you have a Big Loaf of Bread and don’t know what to do with it!! There you go…bread-loaf-kitchen-hacks-that-will-make-life-easy-for-people-living-alone

No more tears!! Soak Onions in cold water for 30 seconds and you won’t be having any tears in your eyes while cutting Onions.


Bring Stale Bread back to life. If the Bread is a few days old and you are thinking of throwing them away, don’t. Just wrap them in a wet paper towel and heat them in the microwave for about 5 minutes. It’ll be fresh and crunchy like you just baked it.

Try cooking Chicken Steak with the help of OnePlatter’s Recipebread-wrapped-in-towel-kitchen-hacks-that-will-make-life-easy-for-people-living-alone

An un-watched Pot Boils fast right? When you are boiling water, place a wooden spoon over the pan and the water will never spill over.



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Wan to eat a Perfect Boiled Egg? Just punch a hole at its base using a pin. It will also become way easier to peel off the eggshell. 


Another way to avoid the hassle of Peeling Boiled Eggs. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda to the water before you boil them.


Awesome these hacks are right?? Start practicing them and make your life easy.

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