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How To Grill A Corn

How To Grill A Corn

Learn how to grill a corn in no time by following this step by step procedure.


On the cob

6 Corn Cobs
6 Tbsp. (90 Ml) Melted Butter or Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper, And Additional Butter, To Taste


Peel off most of the husk, but not all of it. If the corn cobs have thick layers of husks attached, peel off the first few layers, leaving only a few left to protect the corn and prevent it from burning.



Soak the corn. Fill a large pot with cold water and dunk the cobs of corn inside. Make sure that the corn is completely covered with water. If the cobs of corn float, turn them occasionally to make sure that all sides get exposed to water. The water provides extra moisture, which prevents the corn from drying out as it gets grilled. You should let the corn soak for a minimum of 15 minutes, but it can sit in the water up to 3 hours.





Preheat the grill as the corn soaks. The grill should reach medium heat. If using a grill with a thermometer, allow the grill to reach roughly 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celsius).




Partially husk the corn. After it has soaked, pull the corn out of the water and shake off excess water. Pull the husks back to expose the top half of the corn, but do not remove the husks completely.




Remove the silk. After exposing the corn, pull away the silky threads from the side by grasping them and yanking them up.




Butter the kernels. You can use melted butter or olive oil. Roughly 1 Tbsp (15 ml) per cob should be sufficient.




Place the corn on the preheated grill. Position it so that it sits on direct heat. Allow it to sit on the grill for 30 to 60 seconds on each side in order to brown but not burn. Rotate as necessary to prevent the corn from burning.




Move the corn to indirect heat. This can either be the side of your grill or along a top shelf. Close the cover and allow the corn to cook for 15 minutes.




Remove the corn when the husks get dark. The kernels will also pull away slightly from the tip of the cob. If the corn begins to bend in your hands or if the kernels feel soft and mushy, it has cooked too long. Use tongs and oven mitts to prevent yourself from getting burned.




Clean off the cobs. Grab the uncovered portion of the corn cob with one hand, using an oven mitt or clean dish towel to prevent yourself from getting burned. Peel the remaining husks off and pick off the remaining silk threads. Rinse the corn under warm, running water to remove any ash that has fallen onto the cob.



Try this recipe and let us know about how much you enjoyed it in the comments below.

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