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From Fat to Fit: Parineeti Chopra’s Shockingly Simple Diet

From Fat to Fit: Parineeti Chopra’s Shockingly Simple Diet

You may know Parineeti Chopra, from her debut in the film ‘Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl’ in which many of you may remember her as the cute chubby girl. She is also known as the first cousin of Priyanka Chopra.


What you do not know is that even that chubbiness wasn’t the real Parineeti. Unlike many actresses Parineeti accepts that before joining Bollywood, she weighed around 86 kilos. Which by the way at 5 feet 4 inches is pretty obese.


The main reason for her gaining weight easily and looking obese was her poor metabolism combined with her love her food so strong that she could not imagine life without them. The actress has openly admitted that she loves herself some pizza, burgers, fries, cheese and what not. She has stated on a number of occasions that she can’t imagine living without them.

“I do not follow any particular diet and I never did. If anybody tells me to stop eating chocolates or pizzas, I won’t be able to do it.”


“Give me cheese on bread and I’ll eat it. I believe that you shouldn’t let your body crave anything.”

Then came the second part of the story. When she realized that Bollywood wasn’t just about talent. There is no denying that she is a superb actress. But that wasn’t enough to get ahead in the race. So what did she do? How did she do it? Turns out its something ALL of us can do.

“I gave up pizza! It’s my first love. I can let go of anything but not pizza. But I didn’t have a choice.”

“I am in a visual medium and should be able to compete with every good-looking actress.”



‘Look at me now’


Here is the diet plan that has gotten her the body she has now:

Breakfast: One glass of milk, brown bread with butter, two eggs- white portion only, juice sometimes.

Lunch: Dal and roti, brown rice, green salad and green leafy vegetables.

Dinner: Simple food with less oil, one glass of milk and sometimes a chocolate shake.

But, here is another rather fishy side to the story. Apparently, she spent some big bucks to achieve her body goals! According to an industry insider, Parineeti signed up for a detox program in Austria. The source stated that:

“Under this program, the patient has to undergo several tests in order to determine what his or her body can tolerate. Depending on that, a diet chart for six months is drawn, which the clients have to strictly adhere to. And it costs between Rs 5-10 lakh for a 15 to 30 day course, depending on the program. Pari’s expectation before taking up this new regime was that she wanted to fit into hot clothes. And she has got her wish.”


So what do you think? How did she lose the weight? How perfect does she look in her transformed body? Comment to let us know your thoughts.

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