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The Foodie’s Guide to Frugal Eating in Lahore

The Foodie’s Guide to Frugal Eating in Lahore

Lahore is not Lahore without it’s multitude of eateries, restaurants, bake shops, pizza parlors and cafes. Seems  like every other day some new place opens but if you’re currently sick of the same old burger and chips wali jaga or maybe you’re short of the millions you’ll make someday and you can’t go for ‘fine dining’, here are  6 awesome food joints to check out when you want to try something new and inexpensive



If you’re looking for a cozy place in defence where you have a great time with your friends eating a delicious veggie chicken wrap only for 250 rupees, then this is the place to go. Located in CC block in DHA, it offers a variety of economical deals and tasteful options. Like its tagline says “It only tastes expensive” but is actually very budget friendly



Hands down, the best biryani in lahore, biryani express is a treat for your tastebuds, when you’re in the mood for a desi fix, order a full combo of 250 rupees that consists of mirchi biryani, a shami kebab with raita and salad. Being a low-key establishment, it doesn’t hurt your wallet but promises to deliver that special chaska of masla that you can smell a mile away.

          WHAT’A PARATHA!


A real innovative enterprise, pizza paratha is the new pizza that plays with flavorful cheeses that basically melt in your mouth. It’s looks and tastes exactly like a really good pizza would but do you know that it actually a paratha infused with 6 different blends of ingredients that pull together to make an appetizing sauce. What’s unbelievable is the price that you won’t find in any other pizza eatery, only 225 for a personal pan box.



Increasingly popular is the naan dhaba that was the talk of the town a few months ago when it launched a never thought of before product called the “nutella naan” priced under 200. For every nutellla lover, it was a delight to behold and some were simply bewitched at how good it fit with the traditional tawa naan experience. Soon they came up with a “snickers naan” as well, wonder what’s next!



Owning more than a decade of experience, this fine establishment has become the historical birthplace of a myriad of different and unusual ice-cream flavors that are served 40 per single scoop. If you’ve got nowhere to go and need an instant sugar rush, it is the perfect shop to drop by and pick up their famous kulfa flavored ice-cream or maybe even go crazy and try their pista badam flavor!



Have you ever tried a samosa with chocolate sauce and icecream on top? Probably not. There’s a reason these are called Awesamosas, because they are simply too awesome to imagine.Only for 300 rupees, choose from their their ala-mode menu which includes piping hot sweet samosas like Chocolate S’more, Reese’s or Apple Pie dessert with a scoop of ice-cream on top and other yummy toppings like mocha and butterscotch sauce. YUM.

Have you visited any of these places? Comment below and let us know about your experience!

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