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Food trends of 2016

Food trends of 2016

Pakistanis love to eat and dine out. It said that Pakistanis live to eat!! Food industry in Pakistan is changing with the change in consumer demand and behavior. We all have observe some bench mark changes and trends in the food market.

Veggie Love:

Recently Punjab Food Authority raided and disclose something that has scared us all. This has made people to avoid eating meat when they are out and prefer to eat vegetables. Based on this we make the prediction that vegetables are going to make it big in the coming year. Grilled, fried, smoked and fried you name it and the menus will have it! 

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Food App Craze:

We all aware of the popularity of Foodpanda and Eatoye apps. How they have made us lazy enough to get out of our house because we can get a yummy feast from any restaurant we like. This was just a start of technology usage in food industry.  More and more eateries have realized their worth and are jumping the wagon.

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Go Organic:

There was at least one major gathering of the organic farmers with their products in 2015. This went quite well as it was successful in creating an awareness among people about the significance of organic and healthy food. Definitely looking forward to such event in future.

Innovative Desi Restaurant:

There has been a trend of local eateries all around Pakistan offering desi food and carrying a desi ambiance. Having a truck art theme and emphasizing on chai and naans. It’s quite impressive how young entrepreneurs are jumping in this industry and revolutionizing the street food in the country.

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