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What is OnePlatter?

OnePlatter is an ultimate kitchen tool portal to bring all the foodies together. Whether it’s finding a recipe or adding your own, OnePlatter wants to make it easier for foodies to do what they love – cook, eat, and share!

How to Use OnePlatter?

Get started by signing up and setting up your profile with your unique name and display picture. Access the most powerful recipe search and interesting food articles.

Does it cost anything to use OnePlatter?

No. Anyone may access unlimited recipes, collections and videos on the website and in the app. To save or rate recipes, you will need to register an account on info@oneplatter.com.

Please note that there is no monthly limit on the recipes you add or save. Hurray!

How often are recipes updated?

The recipes are updated every day.

What is a Display Name and how can I change it?

A Display Name is the name that you are known as on OnePlatter. This name will be on your Profile page, on your recipes, reviews and comments too. You can edit your Display Name (as long as we approve it) on the profile edit settings.

Help, I forgot my password!

Don’t worry, you can reset your password. You will need to have access to the e-mail address you registered with. Contact us with the e-mail address you are registered under or your username and we will help sort it out.

Recipe Search

Find the perfect recipe the first time. Our information filters allow you to find the perfect recipes by cuisine, calories, difficulty level, cook time, core ingredient, and more.

How do I email or share a recipe from the website or app?

Click on submit recipe tab, a form will open. Mention the title of the recipe, description, add ingredients as per serving and step by step directions of the recipe. Also add the prep time and the cooking time of each recipe. With all the text, you can upload the image of the recipe. And press submit at the end.


You can even save you recipe as drafts and edit it later and then submit.

What are the formatting guidelines for submitting recipes?

There are some things that will cause your recipe submission to not go through:

  • Measurements and amounts must precede the ingredient. EXAMPLE: “1 cup sugar” NOT “sugar, 1 cup”.
  • Food products are sold in differently sized packages — cans, boxes, containers, etc. — around the world. Ingredients MUST include the weight or volume size of the package. EXAMPLE: “1 (15 oz.) can tomatoes” NOT “1 small can tomatoes” or “1 can tomatoes”.
  • Be sure to mention difficulty level, cook time, servings, and core ingredient.

How do I correct typos or errors in a recipe?

We appreciate everyone’s help in improving the recipes here. If the recipe has been submitted or published, email us at info@oneplatter.com to make corrections. Your suggested change won’t show up immediately, but we will review the recipe and update it as soon as possible.

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