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Chickpea Curry

Chickpea Curry

Difficulty: Easy, Cook Time: 20 Minutes, Servings: 6 Servings, Core Ingredient: Chickpeas , Calories: 177 per serving

Description: Common chickpea curry made in typical eastern household style.


2 cups Basmati Rice

2 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil

1 whole Large Onion, Diced Fine

Salt And Pepper, to taste

2 tsp. Curry Powder

2 cloves Garlic, Minced

1 cup Vegetable Stock

2 cans Chickpeas, Drained and Rinsed

1 can Coconut Milk

1 Tbsp. Honey, More To Taste

1 Tbsp. Sriracha or Hot Sauce

Lime Wedges, For Serving

Cilantro Leaves, For Garnish


Cook the basmati rice according to the package instructions.

Heat the oil in a medium skillet over medium-low heat. Add the onions, season with salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes, until the onions are soft and starting to turn golden. Sprinkle in the curry powder and garlic and stir, cooking for another minute or so. Pour in the vegetable stock and stir to scrape up all the brown bits in the pan. Add the coconut milk, honey and a squirt of sriracha. Bring to a boil, add the chickpeas, reduce the heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. Taste and adjust the seasoning, adding more salt, honey, or Sriracha or lime juice.

Serve the curry over the rice. Garnish with the cilantro. This meal can be enjoyed with any bread, roti or paratha of choice.

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