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Charge Up For Your Day With These 6 Not-to-miss Breakfast Items

Charge Up For Your Day With These 6 Not-to-miss Breakfast Items

Do you think every morning that your alarm clock has a personal grudge with you? Do you think you haven’t got enough sleep? And then finally you have to struggle throughout the day to open up your eyes.

Here are 6 not-to-miss items which will keep you pumped you throughout the day:

1. Eggs: Complete package of the goodness of Omega-3, protein and fat. Eggs will not only boost up your body but will also help your stomach from growling out loud for lunch when you are attending a lecture or busy in a meeting.


2. Bananas:  This fruit will give you long-lasting energy to keep you on your feet.


3. Oatmeal: Go for oatmeal instead of pancakes or waffles for the breakfast. It has good fiber content and it lower the level of cholesterol from your body.


4. Yogurt: It contains more proteins and less carbohydrates. You will pat at your back for this breakfast choice, when it comes to reduce the body fats. It is easy to digest as well.


5. Almonds: It is the best source of Vitamin E. It also helps in preventing cognitive downfall. Their fiber, fats and protein helps you in feeling energetic and focused all day long.

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6. Chocolate milk: Mix the yummy goodness of milk and dark chocolate and then mornings won’t be so bad anymore.


What do you prefer in your breakfast?

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