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Chai or Coffee : What’s Your Go To Drink?

Chai or Coffee : What’s Your Go To Drink?

In Pakistan there’s not a house that does consume tea at least once in their day. In fact, the popularity of chai is so supreme that it has become more than just a beverage but a drinking activity where the family can sit together and bond, the writers and philosophers can exchange ideas over and the team at the office can get a safe space to relax. From the masses to the elite, it serves as tasteful stimulant and exciting drink to start the day with. It comes in many forms but the traditional doodh pati is the preferred drink of our region.

A recent trend in urbanites has become the coffee café house that is competing with the chai culture of Lahore. Targeted to the upper middle classes, its popularity has come into question since the young and old are more and more opting to have it instead of tea. Coffee’s properties are much stronger than many tea’s but the question is, which is healthier or more beneficial to your body? Science suggests that tea cakes the cake in this regard. Filled with antioxidants and radiation fighting chemicals, it feels like a powerful drink to consume. Drinking tea can reduce the risk of cancer and fight free radicals too but its effectiveness depends on the quality and consumption.


Coffee has its benefits too! It’s just the kind of caffeine kick you need to wake up in the day. Although excess amounts make you hyperactive, it is generally popular with university students cramming late night assignments or the working man in the corporate world managing ten things at once. A new survey in the science community proves that it drinking coffee every day can even help fight dementia! Enough research has shown that coffee is just as healthy as tea despite its bad reputation in the health world.


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