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Saying No To The Golden Arches-How Millennials Set Their Plates Differently From Their Parents

They might get a bad rap for Instagramming their plates before they take a bite but it’s an established fact that when it comes to food, Millennials are much more conscious than their parents had been. Millennials, or Generation Y, as they’re sometimes referred to have been declared the more passionate about food than any other generation in history. In fact, 50% of the people from this generation...

What Really Happens When Food Goes Down The Wrong Pipe?

There are occasions when coughing can further hold up a bit of food into the trachea, blocking the routes and making a stifling danger. Notwithstanding regardless of whether a man is choking, it is possible for food particles to go into the lungs, where they remain and represent a hazard for creating pneumonia. This happens more regularly with fluids than with solid foods. Do try Grilled Dessert b...

11 Sundae Recipes You Need to Try This National Sundae Day!

  Who doesn’t love a nice little ice-cream sundae? We know we sure do! And if you’re one of the countless people around the world who can indulge in a bowl of yummy, creamy coolness, wherever, whenever, today is your day to rejoice because we’re celebrating National Sundae Day! That’s right! In honor of 11-11 a.k.a, National Sundae Day, here are 11 easy-to-whip-up and easier-to-indulge-in rec...

Chai or Coffee : What’s Your Go To Drink?

In Pakistan there’s not a house that does consume tea at least once in their day. In fact, the popularity of chai is so supreme that it has become more than just a beverage but a drinking activity where the family can sit together and bond, the writers and philosophers can exchange ideas over and the team at the office can get a safe space to relax. From the masses to the elite, it serves as taste...

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