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Burhani Baingan | Harris Hayat

Burhani Baingan | Harris Hayat

Harris Hayat shares a delicious Burhani Baingan recipe: a perfect treat for all (specially the vegetarians).

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Urdu Version:

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Cooking Time: 25-30 minutes, Preparation Time: 10 min, Servings: 3-4, Calories: 178, Cuisine: Afghani


3 eggplants
5 tomatoes
3 tsp. garlic paste
½ tsp. black pepper
1 kg yogurt
½ cup oil
½ tsp. dried pomegranate seeds
1 tbsp. red chilli flakes
½ tsp. tamarind powder
salt to taste


For Tomato puree.
Heat oil in a pan at low heat.
Add garlic and mix it well until it turn slightly brown.
Once it has turned brown, add chopped tomatoes in the pan.
Turn the flame’s heat higher in order to get a smoother puree.
Add the dried pomegranate seeds, red chilli flakes, tamarind powder and salt.
Mix all the ingredients well with a spatula and now lower the flame.
Crush the tomatoes in the pan, with the spatula that you used for mixing the puree.
Once you see a good puree being formed, turn off the flame.

For The Eggplants:
Heat some oil in a pan at high flame.
Slice the eggplants in circular slices.
Add these to the hot oil and lower the flame to protect them from burning.
Flip over the side to ensure even cooking on both sides.
Take the eggplants out once they’ve turned golden brown.

For Yogurt:
Add black pepper, garlic paste and salt to 1 kg yogurt and mix well, until it is smooth.


For Plating:
Start off with adding a tomato puree layer to your plate and spread it evenly.
Next add a layer of the deep fried eggplants.
Repeat the layering with the tomato puree and eggplants once more.
Pour over any remaining tomato puree over the upper layer of eggplants.
Now pour the yogurt that you made over the dish and garnish with freshly cut coriander.

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