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5 Best and Worst drinks for weight loss

5 Best and Worst drinks for weight loss

When you think of weight loss strategies you will usually focus on foods that will aid you but very less attention is given to the beverages we consume on a daily basis. Choosing the right drink can help you curb your appetite, help cut calories and even speed up your metabolism.

So here is a list of the best and worst drinks that can assist in weight loss. 


  • Water

There is no limit to how much water you can drink when it comes to speeding up your weight loss process. Hot water especially helps to eliminate fat and toxins from your body. Consuming two glasses before a meal will even help you eat less.



  • Fresh Fruit Juice or shake

Seasonal fruits like mango and orange can be turned into juice or mixed with milk to make a light milkshake. You will get the same nutrients provided that excess sugar is not added. This is help you greatly with reducing hunger as well.


  • Vegetable drinks

These have the same benefits as fruit drinks but with half the calories so they are even better. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, they can provide refreshment and control your thirst as well so you don’t chug on unhealthy drinks.


  • Green Tea

The best weight loss remedy to date. Drinking green tea three or four times a day can greatly speed up your metabolism and decrease your appetite.


  • Black Coffee

Black coffee has literally no calories and helps improve your mood, which in turn makes you less likely turn to food for comfort or overeat when you are tensed.




  • Carbonated Soda

All fizzy drinks contain empty calories that you didn’t even know you were consuming. Even those that claim zero calories do not have the research to back their assistance in weight loss.



  • Packaged fruit drink

The same goes for packaged fruit drinks because they contain very little amounts of actual fruit juice and more chemically induced flavors that will hurt your weight loss plans.


  • Energy drinks

These contain a lot of harmful substances that don’t necessarily give any nutritional benefit but do add on the calories.

  • Fancy Coffee

Coffees like Lattes and other creamy options have too much sugar and syrup that are basically calorie bombs to your diet.


  • Smoothies

Smoothies are great if you are using low fat products like skimmed milk and yogurt. However most over the counter smoothies are filled with massive amounts of cream and sugar which is detrimental to your healthy lifestyle.



Have you tried these drinks for weight loss too? Comment below and let us know.

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