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Saying No To The Golden Arches-How Millennials Set Their Plates Differently From Their Parents

They might get a bad rap for Instagramming their plates before they take a bite but it’s an established fact that when it comes to food, Millennials are much more conscious than their parents had been. Millennials, or Generation Y, as they’re sometimes referred to have been declared the more passionate about food than any other generation in history. In fact, 50% of the people from this generation...

Makai Ki Roti

Difficulty: Easy, Cook Time: 30 minutes, Core Ingredient: Maize Flour, Servings: 2, Calories: 120 Looking for the perfect accompaniment to your yummy dish of Sarson Ka Saag, look no further! Your favorite food channel, One Platter, is bringing you our favorite recipe of a traditional Makai Ki Roti! Read on for the details and don’t forget to tell us how you found it! Head-Count: This recipe ...

The Shopper’s Cheat Sheet-5 Foods You Need to Stay Healthy

How many times have we opened our fridges in the middle of the day to whip up a healthy meal only to come back empty-handed?   We’ve been there! In fact, we were in the same situation a few days ago so we headed to our nearest store only to realize that we were facing that same situation that has plagued shoppers since the dawn of time! Or at least until we got 5 kinds of ‘nutritious’ breakfa...

3 Yummy Dips for Your Next Party!

Winter is here in full swing and people are holding parties all around, we know we are! It’s times like these when we find ourselves overly focused on a lot of small details but the one detail that always gets neglected no matter how much we try to focus on it is usually the food. So if you’re finding yourself with just a half hour left on your hands and no dip for all your yummy main dishes, fret...

11 Sundae Recipes You Need to Try This National Sundae Day!

  Who doesn’t love a nice little ice-cream sundae? We know we sure do! And if you’re one of the countless people around the world who can indulge in a bowl of yummy, creamy coolness, wherever, whenever, today is your day to rejoice because we’re celebrating National Sundae Day! That’s right! In honor of 11-11 a.k.a, National Sundae Day, here are 11 easy-to-whip-up and easier-to-indulge-in rec...

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