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Addictive Foods and their effect on your body

Addictive Foods and their effect on your body

Loving food is great but an excess of anything is considered bad. You might think that having certain foods on a daily basis is harmless but you should know that addiction to certain foods can be seriously damaging to your body.

Coffee Addiction

Coffee is great when you need to wake your mind up and that’s because it is actually a psychoactive drug which means it directly affects your brain. Too much of it can cause anxiety, hypertension and insomnia. If you consume a large amount regularly, your body can learn to depend on it and when you skip it you can even have withdrawal symptoms like headaches and fatigue, a lot like when you give up smoking. Scientists say that too much caffeine can even trigger panic attacks if you are sensitive to it. A hallmark of any addiction is building tolerance so best to cut down on this hyperactive stimulant.

Salty Food addiction

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Foods that contain a lot of sodium are considered unhealthy for any heart patient but did you know that eating too much salty food is not good for anyone because you can become seriously addicted to it.  Salty food contain so much sodium that you should avoid them as much as you can. This can be hard when you’re used to eating a lot of salty foods like samosas because the pleasure centers of the brain are triggered when you consume them, urging you to eat more even after you’re full. This is why many people are prone to emotionally eating fries when they are feeling depressed. In this case, food should not be used as an anti-depressant as it can lead to an unhealthy lifelong addiction.

Spicy Food addiction

If you love spicy food like everyone else in our region, you know how it amazing it feels to get that taste in your mouth followed closely by an urge to drink a lot of water. This happens because the brain releases endorphins to ease that slight discomfort from the food’s heat which gives you a natural high. That is the sole reason you ignore the fact that your tongue is on fire and keep on digging in that patakha chicken karahi. It’s only natural to feel addicted to that kind of pleasure induced feeling so you tend to go a little over board. But be warned, it can be a serious addiction if you are careful.


They say an addict remains an addict throughout their life but maybe you could replace these bad addictions with good ones. What do you think? Are you ready to ditch the coffee and opt for green tea instead? Maybe you could use a little less spice in your food and make it flavorful with other condiments. Make your life easier by making the right choice today. Just remember, you are what you eat!

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