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9 Things a Diabetic Patient Should Know Before Fasting!

9 Things a Diabetic Patient Should Know Before Fasting!

Fasting becomes a question mark for diabetic patients. The questions like if they can actually fast, or if yes then what rules should they follow, what should they eat etc. will be discussed under this article.

We have gathered relevant information for the diabetic patients who wish to fast this Ramadan.

Let’s get started!

  1. Always consult your doctor before fasting, in order to see which type of diabetic patient are you.
  2. Don’t open the fast with large and heavy meal, instead break down the meal in 2-3 portions in the non-fasting interval, to control the sugar level in your blood.
  3. Eat slowly and with patience especially at Iftaar time.
  4. Add simple food items in your diet routine for Ramadan and avoid heavy and oily food.
  5. Make sure to plan your diet items and timings before Ramadan and follow it closely.
  6. Drink plenty of water in the non-fasting hours of the day.
  7. Try eating starchy carbohydrates like basmati rice, oat-based cereals, chapati, pulses, beans, fruits and vegetables at Sehri time as these release energy slowly.
  8. Never overeat.
  9. Your diet plan must include at least one item from the below-mentioned categories each day.

   Bread, rice, chapatti or cereal

   Beans, meat, chicken or fish

   Yogurt or milk

   Vegetables or fruits

So the diabetes patients out there, need not to worry this Ramadan. By adding these easy tips in their routine, you can enjoy the pleasure of fasting as well.

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Hope this helped you. Do share your feedback!

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