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7 Onions You Should Know About

7 Onions You Should Know About

Can you imagine a world without onions? Onions are such an integral part of so many cuisines the world over. It matters what types of onions you use in a particular meal. Learn to choose and use each to its best potential flavor with this easy guide.

Pearl Onions

Small onions with a sweet and subtle flavor. Good for roasting.


Shallot Onion

Subtle flavor, sweet with a little spiciness. Great for an egg dish, vinaigrette, and garnish.shallot-onions-types-hacks


Spring Onion

Both green and white parts are edible. Milder than mature onions but full of flavour.spring-onions-types-hacks


White Onion

White onions are less common. This type is the crunchiest with high water content; has the sharpest flavor and is large in size. Use for cooking spicy food.


Red Onion

A little bit sweet, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Best eaten raw. It is crisp, adds colour to salads, curries, salsa, pickling. Best for burgers and sandwiches.red-onions-types-hacks



A flat Italian onion that is smaller than typical onions, less pungent and good for roasting whole.


Yellow Onion

Yellow onions are the most common variety. They are sharp and spicy which mellows when cooked. Caramelizes well because of high sugar content.yellow-onions-types-hacks

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Your meals will taste much better if you use the right onion for the right food. Try doing so and let us know how it revolutionized your cooking and eating experience in the comment section.

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