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6 Bollywood Celebrities and their Favorite Dishes – Burp Alert!

6 Bollywood Celebrities and their Favorite Dishes – Burp Alert!

A person is known by the food he/she eats. We all are always eager to keep a track of our favorite celebrities, especially when it come to their food habits. They may have all the money to buy any kind of food they like when on a shoot, but deep inside they have a craving for that special taste of their favorite dish. Here are some of the Bollywood celebrities and their favorites dishes.

1. Salman Khan – Biryani

Desi food with all of its spices and aroma is one cuisine that we Pakistani crave for everywhere we go. And Salman Khan is known to be in love with that flavor in the form of home-made Biryani, since the time he first tasted it.

salman khan

2. Alia Bhatt – French Fries

She may have gone through a strict diet to do the whole fat to fit routine, but she hasn’t given up on her go to treat- French Fries.


3. Shraddha Kapoor – Sushi

This diva has slightly different taste when it comes to food cravings! She prefer to have a delightful serving of sushi rolls.


4. Ranveer Singh – Chinese 

Ranveer Singh is a big fan of Chinese cuisine. His love for Chinese food can not be replaced easily.


5. Hrithik Roshan – Samosa

This popular savory snack in Pakistan is Hrithik’s favourite item on the menu. He can devour nearly a dozen samosas at a stretch.

Hrithik rosahn

6. Shah Rukh Khan – Grilled Chicken:

Instead of any international cuisine, King Khan loves the popular grilled chicken.

chicken tikka-favorite food-oneplatter-shahrukh

We are sure all this food talk must have worked up your appetite by now. So grab your favorite celebrity food and enjoy!

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