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6 Dishes You Need To Try This Eid!

6 Dishes You Need To Try This Eid!

The season of festivities and joy is here, bringing along the greatest challenge of all times; what to cook on the day of Eid? The worry over will the guests like it or will it be enough to serve a whole lot will soon take its toll over the female members of the family. But there is no need to rush back and forth over this because we have the finest, and the most delicious best dishes Eid for you with a promise of fulfilling your appetite.

  1. Afghani Pulao


Farewell to the mundane dishes for the Eid. Give yourself the royal treatment this Eid with this exquisitely delicious Afghani Pulao.

  1. Aloo Bukhara Chutney


An easy to make salad with minimal yet tasty ingredients to present at your Eid Table. Make this scrumptious salad this Eid to add life to your main courses and brighten the mood of your guests.

  1. Mango Firni


Heavens! Look at this beauty! This Eid go crazy and combine two of your favorite sweets to give yourself the perfect treat. Make the toothsome Mango Firni and surprise your guests with its heavenly taste and texture. You might want to add chopped mango on top to give the perfect finishing to a perfect dessert.

  1. Masala Poori


Make these appetizing pooris to add flavor to your Eid. With their crusty texture and tender bites, these pooris are the most likeable dish at the table.

  1. Sheer Khurma


Literally the must for every Eid! The only dish that does not get old and is friendly enough to accompany any other dish. Eat it after a main course of rice, kebabs or naan. Sheer Khorma rules the table. So make this sweet dish this Eid and wait for it to blow its charm on everyone.

  1. Ginger Chicken Masala


Tired of the decent, traditional curries? Try this spicy gravy based dished with its rich flavor this Eid and you won’t be disappointed.

Now, hurry up and run towards your kitchen! Grab all the ingredients for the recipe you want to make and let them cast their magic. You’ll have the best Eid dishes on your table.

Self-professed gardener. Often found poking nose into the fridge. Determined to cook and try every dish on the planet, one at a time. #getspicesgetcooking

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