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6 Best Cuisines You Will Taste At #CokeFoodFest

6 Best Cuisines You Will Taste At #CokeFoodFest

CokeFoodFest is a three day event, happening on 3rd, 4th, 5th February 2017 that OnePlatter and  Foodies ‘R Uare organizing. There are 100+ eateries and home-based chefs ready to give your taste buds a treat! You will find variety of cuisines at FoodFest so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to food options!

Here are the 4 best cuisines that you will taste at CokeFoodFest:

1. Traditional Desi Cuisine:

Desi Cuisine for all desi food lovers! Tikka, Kabab, Roast, Biryani, Chapli kabab, Paye, Palao and Pakoray from Arif Chatkhara, Kaka Gurda Champ, Chashni, Bombay Chowpatty, Chandni Chowk and many more desi eateries is at CokeFoodFest for you.

5 Various Cuisines You Will Taste At CokeFoodFest- OnePlatter

2. Pan Asian Cuisine:

It seems like CokeFoodFest knows very well that Lahories are crazy for Pan-Asian Cuisine. CokeFoodFest has Chow mein, variety of soups, egg fried rice, chicken manchurian, dynamite prawns, shrimps, spring rolls from the best Pan Asian Eateries in town: Bamboo Union, Rice Bowl, Chop Chop, China Grill and China Town.

5 Various Cuisines You Will Taste At CokeFoodFest- OnePlatter7

3. Fast Food:

Food Festivals are incomplete without fast food. CokeFoodFest has food from the best fast food chains: Hardees, BYOB, Wings, Fat Burger, McDonald’s and Howdy. Does this makes your taste buds anxious?

5 Various Cuisines You Will Taste At CokeFoodFest- OnePlatter 9

4. Continental Cuisine: 

If you want something from Continental Cuisine, don’t worry! CokeFoodFest has tasty and appetizing sandwiches, croissants, steaks,  baked potatoes, stuffed chicken, chicken with cashew nuts and much more from English Tea House, Jade Café, Tree Lounge and Cosa Nostra.

5 Various Cuisines You Will Taste At CokeFoodFest-OnePlatter77

5. Japanese Cuisine: 

If you want to taste some of the finest Japanese food you will find it at CokeFoodFest. Whether its sushi, tempura or Japanese Tea, FoodFest has it all for you from Wasabi and other Japanese Eateries.

6 best cuisines at FoodFest-OnePlatter

6. Italian Cuisine: 

Taste some delicious and mouth-watering food from Italian Cuisine. Have fresh and cheesy pasta, pizza and lasagna at #CokeFoodFest from Ciao Pizza and many more eateries.


Has this all excited you enough to join us at CokeFoodFest? So get your tickets now from bookme.pk

Get to know all about CokeFoodFest @ foodfest.pk.

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  1. Hey Laraib.
    Hope you are doing great. I just went through your article which is remarkably written making me starve for the delicious items you mentioned. I wanted you to know that Tao (authentic pan asian cuisine) serves the best dynamite prawns and other dishes which were available at the food festival. It would be great if you mention Tao in the article or suggest any other solution?

    Waiting for your response.


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