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5 Eid Treats You Should Know

5 Eid Treats You Should Know

Eid is a festival of all sorts of assortments of sweets and treats. Many a countries have their traditional values attached to even the type of dessert which they serve on these blessed three days of joy. It seems only mandatory to be prepared to make loads of refreshments for the household and the guests to arrive. Custom has it, that sweets are also sent to neighboring houses. But what to make that will have everyone licking their fingers is a question that often baffles the chef of the house.

Say farewell to all these worries because here is a list of the top 5 tasty Eid treats that are a must to make for a delicious experience.

Mango Firni

Are you tired of eating the same type of Firni? Time to break up with it and move on with this Mango Firni. Rich in its creamy flavor and ravishing in color, Mango Firni is a must to try on Eid day. What better way of celebrating than eating sweet dish made of The King of Fruits!


Sheer Khurma

Eid does not seem like Eid if you don’t wake up to the enchanting fragrance of Sheer Khurma in your house. Serving as the perfect breakfast on Eid morning, Sheer Khurma is one of the oldest traditional dessert of Pakistani homes.


Pizza Samosa

Tired of your mother giving you lectures on eating Desi on Eid? Try these tantalizing samosa filled with Italian pizza stuffing. The best treat for all the pizza lovers out there.


Ras Malai

With its heavenly balls dipped in scented milk, Ras Malais have the paradisaical taste. They are a must to try this Eid.


Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

It can’t be possible but if you get bored of eating sweets, these chicken wings will be there to rescue you. Laced with honey and garlic, these are the perfect appetizer for your Eid day!


Try out these delicious treats this Eid and be amazed by their heavenly taste.

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