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5 Dishes You Will Find On Every Desi Dawaat

5 Dishes You Will Find On Every Desi Dawaat

Mehmanon ke liye kia banau? Is the first and foremost question that comes into your mind whenever you are expecting guests in Pakistan. At the end of long sessions of discussions and thinking for longest hours, there are some dishes that are always there on every Pakistani menu.

Here are 5 dishes that you will always find on your table on every Dawaat in Pakistan.

  1. Pulao: One of the signature dish of Pakistan, that 9 out 10 times will always be on your table on every desi daawat.

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  1. Karhai (Chicken/beef): Roti to must hai, and to compliment the roti Karhai is that on royal dish on the menu. That is most of time is especially made when the guests are expected in Pakistan.

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  1. Qorma: Menu kise ki shaadi ka ho ya dawaat ka, Qorma is that one safest option that will always save the day.

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  1. Sabzi: In the middle of all the chicken, Ek sabzi to banti hai.

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  1. Tikka: When you are tired of making things and the table looks still empty. The kareeb ki dukan ka tikka is always there to rescue.

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Check out the recipe of this mouth-watering Chicken Karahi by Harris Hayat and impress your family or loved ones.

What is the first thing you want to make, when you have a Dawaat at our house?

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