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5 Dishes You Need To Cook For Your Dad This Father’s Day!

5 Dishes You Need To Cook For Your Dad This Father’s Day!

Sonora Louise brought up the concept of father’s day in 1909. Her father, William raised his children alone since his wife died during childbirth. As she grew up she realized how difficult it is to raise your children as a single parent and so decided to dedicate an entire day to appreciate and thank her father.

Now father’s day is just around the corner. We talk about mothers and their love all year long and maybe sometimes, we forget how important our father’s are and how much they have done for us. So this is one day of the year when we can thank our fathers for their unconditional love and support and remember to thank God for placing such honorable men to protect us in our paths. This day is not only to praise our fathers. It is for every man who has helped us and supported us through our lives, our grandfathers, uncles or even stepfathers.

With the busy schedules that everyone has now, it surely does get difficult to keep track of such occasions and plan things beforehand, so even if you haven’t planned anything yet, we have it sorted out for you. We all know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, so there’s nothing better than a nicely cooked meal for your father on this day!

Here are OnePlatter’s top five tried and tested recipes to surprise your dad with!

  1. Waffles 

Everyone loves a little English breakfast, so serve your Dad some delicious handmade waffles topped with fresh berries, with his favorite morning newspaper and some coffee!

For detailed recipe visit:


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2. Beef Burrito 

Give him a taste of Mexican Tex-Mex food! Make some nutritious and juicy burritos for lunch!

Let our quick and easy burrito recipe help you.

Visit www.oneplatter.com/beef-burrito/ for complete recipe.

3. Sarson ka Saag and Makai ki Roti

Who doesn’t love the traditional Sarson ka Saag and Makai ki Roti, nothing beats this dish in Punjab at least!

Now this might be time consuming, but One platter’s mouthwatering recipe is going to help you through it!

Check out the recipes at www.oneplatter.com/sarson-ka-saag/


4. Almond Chicken

Serve him some Chinese, follow our recipe for the perfect almond chicken which is a blend of juicy chicken chunks and crunchy almonds!

For complete recipe visit www.oneplatter.com/almond-chicken/

You can serve it with our special Chinese rice check out the recipe at www.oneplatter.com/chinese-special-rice/

5. Baked Flan

If your father is fond of sweets; for desert, you can surprise him with our easy to cook baked flan.

Check out the recipe at www.oneplatter.com/baked-flan/

You may also impress your father by making this mouth-watering Tiramisu by Tahir Hameed. Do tell us how it turned out.

Have an amazing Father’s day! Most of all spend lots of time with your father and thank him for his efforts!

Don’t forget to tell us how your cooking went!

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