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5 Best Spots In Lahore To Satisfy Your Desi Meetha Cravings

5 Best Spots In Lahore To Satisfy Your Desi Meetha Cravings

Meetha is considered to be the icing on the cake of every meal experience, and Desi Meetha is particularly satiating. It serves as the perfect ending to the meal and satisfies the sweet tooth. A pudding can’t be as satisfying as a kheer is, a doughnut can’t fulfill the desires of Meetha as an andrassa does and finally a churro can’t take place of a jalebi.

Here are the 5 best places in Lahore that you need to visit for your Desi Meetha cravings:

1. Chashni: Do try their out of this world gulab jamun next time you have your Desi Meetha cravings.

2. Benazir Kulfa: The name says it all.


3. Grato Jalebi: This place has revolutionized the jalebi. Forget about the thin not so gooey jalebi and get your hands on Grato’s thick, gooey and crispy jalebi next time you have a Desi Meetha cravings.

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4. Yousaf Falooda: Next time whenever you have a midnight craving of a Desi Meetha, go out with your friends to have the best Falooda.


5. Hajji ki Kheer: This Desi version of a pudding is the perfect sweet treat because of its cool and refreshing consistency.


Do you know any other place to satisfy the Desi Meetha cravings?

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