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4 Trending Food Innovations of 2016!

4 Trending Food Innovations of 2016!

As 2017 is starting in couple of hours. We thought of sharing the most trending food innovations with you of 2016!

This KFC Candle Makes Your Home Smell Like Fried Chicken:



A candle that smells like Fried Chicken? That’s right KFC launched a scented candle for Foodies so that they can enjoy the aroma of food all the time! Now, if you’ll overlook the fact that it was relegated to KFC New Zealand, and the candle isn’t actually for sale rather, it was part of a social media giveaway. You will realize that this is possibly the greatest god damn invention of all time.

Toblerone Alters Shape of 2 Chocolate Bars:


The peaks are slimmer and the valleys are wider, but the price hasn’t changed. Toblerone chocolate bar shaped was changed this year and fans were not happy about this at all. Although the price of this chocolate bar has not changed but the makers were failed to entertain their customers with this change!

McDonald’s Has A Nutella Burger That Oozes Chocolate:


McDonald’s latest dessert, available only in Italy, is called the Sweet con Nuttela, and has the shape and soft buns of a regular burger, but instead of a uniform slab of beef in the middle, it has a big gooey center of Nutella hazelnut and cocoa spread. This is certainly going to be the hottest dessert bought in Italy!

Oreo Finally Introduced It’s Chocolate Candy Bar:


These cookie-heavy chocolate bars are available in two varieties: the regular version that features a milk chocolate bar filled with vanilla creme and chunks of the cookie, and the Big Crunch Bar that contains an entire layer of Oreo cookies inside.

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