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10 Things Only People Who Are Always Hungry Will Understand

10 Things Only People Who Are Always Hungry Will Understand

While most people eat to live, there are some people who live to eat. If they’re not eating, they’re probably thinking about food wondering what to eat next and counting down the hours until their next meal. Even when they’re eating, they’re thinking about other food.

Here re 10 things only people who are always hungry will understand:

1. Whatever the topic of conversation, you’re always going to end up talking about food.


2. You wonder what you’re going to have for dinner… while you’re eating your lunch.

To eat or not to eat

3. People have bribed you with food. Multiple times.

West New York, New Jersey, USA --- Asian woman looking at slice of cake --- Image by © KidStock/Blend Images/Corbis

4. You subconsciously associate people and events with food.


5. The only reason you work out is so you can eat more food.

working out

6. Food is a prerequisite for any event that asks for your presence.

food plces

7. You literally count the hours ’til your next meal… or snack.


8. You intimately know all the food places in your area.

cold stone

9. You open your fridge door every five minutes, hoping something new has magically appeared.


10. You reward yourself with food…


Did you find yourself nodding along to these points?

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